Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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Had good swim over side of boat this afternoon, but it was rather on the cold side to stay in too long.

The Ionian at last left our side this afternoon. It was about time as between the two ships a great deal of rubbish & filth had collected & the odours that sometimes arose from there were not too pleasant.

The harbour is now very full & we hear there are any amount of others outside. It is also said that we are going to be here a week or so yet. One has to develop a great deal of patience these days on account of our long waits. Some of the fellows wonder why we don't rush right into things. They don't seem to realise that we have been waiting for a concentration of very large forces here & that the heads have to await favourable times to begin operations. If we only knew some of the inner workings of this vast army, so handicapped by being on the sea, they would not growl but be quite content to wait quietly for the time of disembarkation. Once they are into it I reckon there will be a very large percentage who would rather be back on board ship again.

Sunday 18th. Quiet day for us. In the afternoon A & C Coys went ashore practicing disembarkation & taking up a position & from there they boarded the H.M.S. London The idea is now that 2 Coys from each Batallion (sic) of 3rd Bgde will form the landing party for the [Page 6]