Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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part in a rather severe but short route march over the hills down onto the beach onto the other side where we had lunch.

Every where one can now notice the arrival of spring. One crop we passed over was simply beautiful, although only a foot high it was a beautiful shade of green & all through it bright red poppies thrust their heads above the carpet of green. It was a sight one more often sees in oil paintings than realisticly. (sic) Other fields were masses of different coloured pea flowers, runners, Scotch thistles, etc. And then we came across a regular Garden of Eden in shape of small orchard with high stone wall surrounding it. The trees were all so green & close together that they formed a complete & cool shade beneath.

When we arrived back at the beach the wind had come up very strong which prevented crews from bringing boats ashore. After 5 hours wait they arrived & to save time we were transhipped to a mine sweeper which had several shot holes through her; & from there taken aboard ship arriving at 9 pm

Wednesday 21st. Rainy day. Two companies in full marching order went aboard a torpedo boat destroyer to see what number of men could be got aboard.

Thursday 22nd. Went through same performance as yesterday, this time pulling [Page 8]