Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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away from ship & after going short distance anchored & from there took to the boats. Eight months ago I never expected to be either on a mine sweeper or a T.B.D.

This afternoon were issued with 200 rounds ammunition & 3 days rations.

Friday 23rd. The hundred & one final preparations previous to this big undertaking were entered into today. Men were constantly packing & unpacking their packs & stowing their rations away. It is an enormous load we have to carry but of course will throw our packs off as soon as we land.

Saturday 24th . The first half of Bgde got away aboard Cruisers about noon & the rest of us left Lemnos aboard transports during afternoon.

Outside harbour was one mass of ships & in the distance could be seen line of battle ships steaming out & also flotilla of T.B.Ds. We anchored at Embros Island & there transhipped onto T.B.Ds about midnight.

Sunday 25th. We got close to shore near daybreak & soon after heard Turks open fire on first half of Brigade as they were landing, & then we heard our men cheering as they charged up hill & took a trench. We landed immediately after in life boats amid a perfect hail of lead, a great many of our men being hit in boats & on shore. As soon as we [Page 9]