Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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got ashore we flung off our packs & lay down on the beach. There seemed to be a hopeless mixture of Coys & Batallions (sic) boats from different ships landing at same place. Several boats landed further round to left upon which machine guns played cutting up the men dreadfully. In the meantime the ½ Bgde had driven the enemy immediately in front well back over the hills & what hills! rising very steeply up from the shore to a height of some 300 feet. After lying under heavy fire on beach for a while we worked in dribs & drabs in any order round into shelter of one of hills. I thought it was time to move after a bullet landed just under my chin. Soon we began sealing the hills, dragging boxes of ammunition shovels etc. up. The crowd I found myself with a mixture of our Batn & 12th moved out to the left flank where we received rather a bad time. It is all very thick scrub country which enables a great deal of sniping on enemy's part. We took up a position but there seemed to be a dearth of Officers & after holding it for some time someone gave order to retire. We retired short distance fixed bayonets & moved forward again. But enemy in meantime had advanced & again gave us a bad time. By this time enemy's shrapnel began to burst & as we had no guns to answer them it is wonderful with what tenacity the men held on. Casualties were very heavy. All the time fresh troops were pouring ashore.

Some New Zealanders came round our flank to reinforce about midday [Page 10]