Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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could hardly drag one leg after another after so much heavy hill climbing & mad rushing about through the thick scrub so fell out of line for a spell. Then helped wounded man down to beach where small jetty had been erected by Engineers.

Beach was hopeless mass of wounded awaiting to go aboard Hospital ships, fatigues unloading barges of water, food, cannon, munitions & thousand & one things necessary for such an undertaking; mules for mountain batteries a few of which had been got into action by Indians, and also for carting ammunition, food, water etc . Then all spare men were detached for unloading ammunition off barge so I had to join in, one case of which I afterwards helped to carry up to firing line, it was an awful job as I could hardly drag one leg after the other.

The war ships put in excellent work in lending their support with their cannon.

During that morning a bullet ricashaied (sic) off bolt of rifle sending couple of small splinters into face & went through neighbours hand.

Mon 26th & Tues 27th. Back in firing line Monday morning & was generally on left centre, & left flank Firing very severe enemy's shrapnel bursting every where especially on main route to beach a deep gully where lot of damage was done. Left flank worst position of lot & as a permanent position had not been taken up in some [Page 11]