Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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no fighting at all going on. A battery is said to be putting in good work. Can see effect of a lot of ships bombardment from here, wonderful gunnery; watched them put out of action Turkish Battery today.

Lots of stray & spent bullets lot amongst us here some of them doing damage, one lobbed foot from where I was sitting. Also an eight inch shell fell amongst us but only covered us with showers of earth. Puckle as a scout has been having some trying work with Mr Darnell. Every thing is in good working order now, regular daily rations etc., & a strong line is held from right to left. Friday 7th. Were relieved in trenches on extreme right Tuesday morning Camped on slopes above beach till Wednesday afternoon when we went into trenches about right centre. While coming along path up gully two of our men Barton & Foster were killed by shrapnel.

Elaborate trenches here & still being improved with communication trenches. There are a great many dead Turks a few yards out in front & visible from trenches, air is simply putrid. same here no fighting at all in fact it is the same nearly all along the line last few days. Turks have ranged gully at back of trenches here & are giving it a bad time shrapnel getting six men yesterday [Page 13]