Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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& about same number this morning moslty (sic) from among 8th Battery.

One hundred men from C Coy & some Engineers went aboard torpedo boat & tried to land at Gaba Tepe to blow up fort which is to our right & has been silenced, but received heavy resistance while landing, 3 dead 18 wounded Lieut Rockliff being wounded; they had to retire back to boats. later in day, Tuesday, Turks allowed a pinnace to take off wounded Capt Brennan, our doctor, is doing wonderful work, if anyone deserves a decoration it is he.

Sunday 9th Damed (sic) Turks are still onto our gully at rear of line here where all have our dug outs. They generally drop shrapnel into it first thing in the morning & at sundown. Today just at sundown their first shell got three men all in one dug out all artillery.

Another shell burst burst on bank of my neighbours dug out about 4 yards from me but all I got was shower of earth. Went into trenches again yesterday & came out 4 pm today, very quiet while there. Last night heard very heavy bombardment by artillery & ships also heavy musketry fire down coast about 10 miles where British & French troops have established a footing & are making slow progress. Went out in front of trenches one day while some of our men buried dead Turks, they were not pleasant sights especially one Australian who was wholly unrecog- [Page 14]