Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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nisable & was an awful sight, Puckle had previously taken a piece of poetry from his pocket written most likely by his sweetheart, but as his identity disk had been removed he could not be recognised.

The stench was awful the sooner they are all buried the better for all our healths.

Water is also a source of trouble to us there are numerous springs in gullies but not enough for supply & it is generally very muddy, also certain amount is brought ashore from ships. Of course we keep going allright but a wash is a rare luxury about once in 3 days & then only about a pint of water, of course if we ever get the chance to get down to beach we try & get a swim.

So far blankets are unknown & as for undressing well that is a sheer impossibility.

Thursday 13th. Things are still going on as quietly as ever except for the artillery duels which are more than pleasant. We have here 8th Battery (D.A.) & an Indian Mountain Battery, and everywhere they fire they are answered by Turks shrapnel which seem to be in a position that can't be correctly located or are behind some hills that our guns cannot get at. Anyhow they generally manage to get some one or other about here. Tuesday morning Reg Clark, of G'dton a really fine chap, was boiling tea [Page 15]