Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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for trenches when a shrapnel burst, a pellet of which went through his brain from which he soon died. the same shell also hit Greenwood passing through thigh & Debb through foot, all three of "D" Coy, 2 former of our Platoon & my section. Later in day we of G'dton his friends held his burial service which was read by Louch. Again on Thursday evening Parker & Morgans of "D" Coy were hit by shrapnel, heard former died soon after. It seems cruel to be hit like this behind the lines while not fighting. There seem to be so few casualties from firing line. Reason really is that guns cannot get good positions unless they come right up behind firing line instead of being a good distance away behind, our dug outs are all round & of course the fellows are walking about a good bit.

Very heavy bombardment can be heard nearly every night down south, some of our own men being down there with Tommies, it is said they are making good progress, of course here we are only playing waiting game.

It is wonderful what scant news we get here, we know practically nothing of what is going on down south or even on our flanks here. The outside world knows much more than we do. Of course rumours float about one of which is: - that French after landing on Asiatic side, after [Page 16]