Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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capturing I believe Kum Kali reimbarked & successfully landed on Gallipoli.

Also hear that a lot of our Light Horse have landed here & are acting as Infantry as their particular line is useless here.

2nd Batn on our left we hear have only 6 officers left out of 30 odd. We are badly off but not so hard hit as that. Three promotions to Commissions in Batn Sergts Parry & Dunning & Pte Smith. Puckle & I have been made full Corporals besides couple of others Louch made Sergt & acting Quarter master in our Coy. This means 10/- instead of 6/- per diem what hurts most is reinforcement Sergts & Corpls coming in & preventing our own men from getting a rise. These men have not had nearly as much training as we have & it is causing a lot of complaint.

Now that our Coy has 50 reinforcements we have made up 4 platoons instead of 3 which meant that we were hard worked spending 24 hours in firing line, 24 trench digging, & 24 in supports; now we have same but an extra 24 hours shell, only going into firing line every 4th day. Tucker is much better, we get tea sugar, tin dog, potatoes, onions, bacon cheese, jam & biscuits & occasionally a small tot of rum. Of course we all do our own cooking, fire wood is the difficult question, scrub [Page 17]