Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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here is all green, sometimes able to steal bit of ration case. It is taking one back to the primitive living in dug outs (narrow & deep) always sleeping fully clothed when not on duty even to boots & when in firing line or supports with equipment on, I have not had my boots off for over a week. One often wishes for a good bath, good food, good bed & about 48 hours sleep, not to speak of clean clothes a whiskey & soda & somebody to provide the clean meal etc. Until one comes on active service one can never realise what the soldier has to go through in the field. One has to put in a good word for the officers who have been used to living well & who now live in exactly same as we with same food, except that now & then they get some fresh bread.

Tuesday 18th During last few days we have lost some officer without whom we will find it hard to get along. General Birdwood slight wound in head, General Bridges bullet through groin, I believe serious; Colonel of Engineers, broken arm (shrapnel) & a Major of Engineers killed. General Walker, Bgde General of 2nd Bgde is now in command of Division. Another of our Coy killed (Dilb) killed while cooking tea. Hubbe & I were cooking breakfast on Saturday shrapnel burst just in front of us, 2 slugs passing through his greatcoat which he was wearing, he jumped in air & I dropped in dugout, each thought other was hit but luckily [Page 18]