Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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both escaped. One gets tired of enumerating one's narrow escapes, we all have them nearly every day. Couple of small attacks on left flank last night in which hand grenades were used, easily repulsed & not much damage done. Right flank quiet except for shrapnel which simply rains on this position of ours here.

Tommies & Gurkhas down south are said to have gained considerable ground

Town of Gallipoli is said to be in ruins from warship fire & Turks are said to be in bad way through want of food.

[?] came along that 2 German officers & 3 Turks jumped down into one of our sapping trenches, of which there are several to form a new firing line, & surrendered.

Puckle has [?] both his hands & poisoning has set in he is in a bad way & is absolutely helpless had to wash his face etc. for him He went to Field Hospital yesterday.

Major Denton who somehow managed to sit upon one of his own mens baynets (sic) during first few days, causing slight wound to his posterior arrived back here yesterday. He says Capt Croly will most likely lose his arm.

Saturday 22nd On Thursday evening enemy's guns began a heavy bombardment of our lines commencing about an hour before sundown and lasting until dark, Their main objective was our position here & 1st Brigade on our left. [Page 19]