Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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There were 12 guns in one position which fired simultaneously all shells landing round our trenches & behind our lines. One may rest assured there were not many heads showing. The din & roar of bursting shells was beyond description. We were in firing line at time some of us being on observation in saps which run out from line. Many shells lobbed on and around saps. One shell burst on side of sap many small splinters hitting Hubbe & Timpson in face besides scorching them couple of others were there & were covered with stones & earth. Beyond being slightly shaken noone was beyond carrying out his duties.

About midnight after moon had gone down Turks, who had been reinforced by about 2 divisions, attacked all along the line coming on in massed formation. Mainly on centre & left but not so much on right. They were very plucky getting right up to trenches in several places, a few even got into trenches on left & also 2nd Batn's where they killed two of our men & 1 officer before they got their quiatus. (sic) They were mown down in hundreds especially in front of 2nd Batn where they are piled on top of each other. At time I was on duty out on head of sap some 60 yards from firing line. it was not too pleasant there having enemy's fire from front & ours from rear whistling all round us. Anyhow we stuck to our position as none of enemy troubled us.

Enemy returned & made another big attack at dawn being once again repulsed. This time for over two hours I was able to lend a helping hand firing some [Page 20]