Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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150 rounds. To right of sap there is a deep gully & view of approach to our trenches. Many Turks who had approached lines there were retiring singly & in groups. At ranges from 300 to 500 yards there were easy targets & were sniped at from every direction.

It seemed cruel knocking them over when they were not offering resistance but it had to be done.

During day we discovered some Turks in dugout & trench about 20 yards in front of sap. We threw some hand grenades among them doing some damage. Then after lot of shouting, interpreters, throwing notes & collection of our Batn officers, 6 of them came in & surrendered, some of them being wounded.

Enemy's casualties reckoned at 2000 killed & 5000 wounded. Our casualties were light, about 600 of which about 300 were able to return to firing line after having wounds dressed. 2nd Batn lost 12 killed & 2 officers we lost a few.

Following night was quiet. Thursday again heavy bombardment & small attack. Their shells landing all along line here killing 2 of our Coy in trench & wounding Sergt Ross & also couple of others.

Enemy's aeroplane flew over our position during Friday & dropped bomb into sea. Our planes & gunboats doing good work. We are again heavily worked being in trenches nearly every night & day & getting snatches of sleep when [Page 21]