Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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9 inches by 6 inches containing some yellow explosive which is a Jap secret. When first fired can see shell go away up into air & then down down into Turkish position. Exteme range about 450 yards. Time explosion or percussion.

German aeroplane over us yesterday, fired at by ships; dropped bomb which exploded some 200 yards from here, killing one man. Made extraordinary dropping from enormous height.

Two of our Cruisers came in very close to Gaba Tepe point & simply raked the Olive Grove a low ridge some 2 miles long for couple of hours. It was one continual explosion & ridge was mass of smoke & dust. Only living thing I saw there was man galloping right into shelled area.

Today there was an armistice to bring dead which I must say were rather permeating the air. Red Cross & Red Crescent flags could be seen all along the line & hundreds of our men & Turks were out at the job. Most of Turks wearing bandage over nostrils to relieve them of stench. Turks burying those closest to their line & we the same.

I believe there were very few of our own men found round this right flank . One of our chaps had been mutilated being wounded in both knees which were bandaged he had been unable to get back to line, was overtaken & big cross ripped in stomach & neck & another [?] mutilation performed. No wonder one sometimes hears our men curse & vow they would never take a prisoner. [Page 23]