Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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Our men & Turks were mixing together & talking where possible, exchanging cigarettes etc. Some said that now their dead were buried Allah would allow them to go to victory. In places bodies were piled one on top of another especially in some old trenches & in concealed places scores were found that were not known of before. It is said that our estimation of their dead 2000, was very much under number, Turks admitting to at least 3000. The armistice lasted from 8 am till 4.20 pm & is now over. Rifle fire on small scale has recommenced. General Bridges died on Hospital Ship & was buried at Alexandria. We all mourn this loss of such a fine soldier. General Birdwood is about again. Wednesday 26th. It transpires that small attack on Thursday night was carried out under German methods & [remainder of this sentence is crossed out- the crossed out words are 'under command of Gen Lee von (last name illegible- possibly Sanctas)] During afternoon Turkish Officer was seen approaching our lines under flag of truce One of our Generals (I believe) went to meet him. Officer asked for armistice to bury dead. But owing to time of day, & request not coming from right quarter & several other suspicious signs, the request was not granted. Soon after dark long lines of Turks with hands up were seen approaching, but behind them were seen many more fully armed. What could our men do but open fire, which sent them helter skelter back to their lines. [Page 24]