Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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After armistice our guns & Jap mortars shelled enemy. Mortars worked late into night doing lot of damage. Turks must have thought we were going to attack & suddenly opened up withering fire, to which our men hardly answered a shot. We in rear on shell thought that something was toward & put on our equipment in readiness. I don't think we sustained any casualties. Yesterday our Coy went back into line. From there we have view of Gaba Tepe, the coast to south, & large expanse of sea. We witnessed about 2 miles away, just off Gaba Tepe one of the saddest sights one could see. It appears that some enemy suibmarines had escaped from I believe the Adriatic & a couple had been noticed in this vicinity a few days ago with the result that the scores of transports anchored off here had left & taken cover at Embros & Lemnos Is. Yesterday it is said that Vengeance was persued (sic) by a submarine she gave signal to the Triumph, sister ship to Swift Sure, & the hero of 17 engagements, which was lying off Gaba Tepe preparatory to one of her bombardments, to move. Apparently Triumph did not take heed for she was torpedoed; signals were sent out & T.B.Ds raced from all directions She at once began to list to starboard, but a TBD was soon at hand to aid in rescue & [Page 25]