Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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search for submarine. Scores of pinnaces & trawlers flocked out to her to land a helping hand. First TBD & other boats were soon packed with sailors. Wake of submarine periscope could be seen even from here 200 yards from Triumph, several shots fired without effect, it then disappeared Triumph listed more & more & suddenly with very little warning she rolled right over, a hour after being hit. She had still many men on her of whom I believe about 50 were killed by explosion or drowned. She remained keel uppermost for another 20 minutes & finally settled down just leaving a patch of oil to denote where she was lying. Scores of life boats, pinnaces, trawlers & T.B.Ds stood by picking up those in water & afterwards waiting for any bodies that might come to surface. One of the cruelest sights was to see enemy's shrapnel bursting over them during rescue operations. In meantime T.B.Ds had sped out in all directions scouring the waters for miles round in search of submarine About an hour later in practically same spot where Triumph foundered we could see wake of submarine. One T.B.D close & handy raced full speed at her, turned in her own length trying to ram it & then fired shot into water not 20 yards off She then stopped dead & we concluded she had got it. T.B.Ds came racing back from all directions hovered round for awhile & then again scattered. We later [Page 26]