Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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heard that T.B.D did not get submarine. Last night was extremely quiet in trenches. There was one sad occurrance. (sic) Lieut Smith newly promoted from machine gun section was shot in head through loop hole & killed. He had done wonderful work with M. Gun for which he received promotion; it seems very sad after getting on so well. Gen Birdwood is having few days spell & is being relieved by General Corruthers of S. African fame. We have received the good news that Italy has declared war, that Bulgaria & Roumania are not far off it & best of all that Russians have landed 2 days march from Constantinople; how much truth there is in it all time will tell. This afternoon French aeroplane at height of some 5000 feet flew over us & while we watched her we saw her drop a bomb, watching its flight until it dropped with awful explosion into Turkish lines 1/4 mile from her. Seven of our Coy arrived back this evening from Egypt, all suffered slight wounds during first few days. Monday 31st. Very little has happened last few days except that we don't seem to get too much rest owing to shortage of men. At last after driving out 2 saps out some 90 yards we have formed our new firing line & have connected [Page 27]