Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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up with 2nd Batn on left & C Coy on right. At present there is very little room in it as as yet it has not been improved. Just having observation posts made. There are 10 posts along our Coy line, each with 6 men, 2 observing at time. This means 60 men on duty every night. Working, 2 hrs observing, 2 hrs standing by, 2 hrs sleeping through 24 hrs. Then when they are relieved one platoon goes working party & one into support. Men are complaining of overwork & began kicking up row, anyhow things are being altered for better today. Major Denton has got squadron of Light Horse to help. We are beginning to play ruses on enemy to make them waste ammunition. Sometimes at night our men place baynets (sic) above parapet so that moon shining on them are visible from front & begin yelling out. Turks think we are going to charge invariably open up withering fire to which we don't respond. Yesterday Turks blew up one of our saps killing & wounding few N. Zders & 16th Batn. They then rused part of trench temporarily occupying it. N. Zders reformed & charged driving Turks back of 2 lines of their trenches killing about 400. Also on our right some of 9th Batn charged a trench bayneting (sic) 6 & taking 1 prisoner. TBD helped with gun fire. We have no Cruisers here at all now all having gone elsewhere, only about ½ doz TBDs to protect any shipping. [Page 28]