Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

page 29 (June)
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Even all cargo boats & transports have left here & taken shelter from submarines. Only one or two being here at time when absolutely necessary & then closely protected by TBDs. Two of our submarines have been doing marvellous work in Bosphorous & Sea of Marmora sinking several several transports etc. Just heard that that hostile submarine was captured at Lemnos being run into Torpedo nets protecting harbour. More of our first wounded arrived back today, among them being Warren from Geraldton. They were at Malta where they had a good time, inhabitants went to see them arrive thinking they were going to see black fellows & of course were greatly disappointed One of my section Heys a reinforcement was going on sentry at mouth of sap last night when spent bullet hit him in back, running along shoulder blade about four inches but just beneath skin Had bullet extracted & is back with us having few days rest. June 1915. Thursday 3rd. Talking to young Fathus of Geraldton, brother to one in our Coy, who is in 16th Bat. 16th Batn was at Quinn's Post a rather hot corner he said out of original Batn & 4 reinforcement in all about 1400 there were only about 180 left. God knows how many were killed. In one place Turks trench [Page 29]