Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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was only 6 feet from them others 6 yds Most of casualties caused through hand grenades. Other daywhen Turks exploded their sap they occupied sap hole caused by explosion but were soon driven out, then mass of Turks charged but were demolished by M. gun & rifle fire. They also fired on some of their own men in dark mistaking them for our chaps. They left behind them between 150 & 200 casualties. Yesterday couple of our own shells hit embankment of our Coy trenches one exploding no damage done. Put down to faulty manufacture. I took news to Batn Hd Q'trs which was finally handed onto B'gde Hd Q'trs. Major Denton received D.O.G for services rendered during first few days. Telephoning positions of enemy guns etc. gained through help & good work of Capt Everett & Lt Selby to beach enabling ships guns to shell these positions. I should have liked to have seen these two officers recognised in some way for great work done by them. Also Sgt. Agling received D.C.M. Saturday 5th. Thursday afternoon was sent in charge of party to Army Corps Hd Q'trs for water as our own gully is just about dry & water question on this right flank is causing lot of trouble. After leaving our quarters here one goes along a road winding & steep track down the course of the gully until one arrives at the beach. This beach is of our own make being levelled & made wide enough for the passing along of field guns. [Page 30]