Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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On way down one passes two dressing stations comfortably ensconsed in bomb proff [sic] dug outs. On arrival at foot of gully, the [sic] is an encampment of Red Cross people on slope of steep hill all well dug in. They seem to be having more of a pleasing camp than being on active service. many of the men are dressed only in a pair of knickers their back & legs being extremely sunburnt a state in which I envy them, they seem to run down & indulge in a swim whenever they like, whereas we poor fellows don't know what it is like to wash our faces for a week at a time sometimes, & in some cases our boots don't leave our feet for speaking for myself, 9 days at a stretch. One then winds his way along the beach towards Hd Q'trs, he first comes to a pontoon jetty alongside which is a barge, on the beach is a pile of cases of tinned foods etc., also a stack of bales of fodder. From here the beach begins to show life & business. A little further on comes across rows of carts guns carriages stacks of timber & barrells for pontoon jetty building, carpenters making barrows, black smiths sharpening tools, gangs making roadway up slope of cliff, crowds of store fatigues, Red Cross men plying their trade to the clearing station, which is composed of several large excavations in face of cliff bomb proof & well fitted out, situate right opposite large pontoon jetty. Then come piles & piles of cases of food [Page 31]