Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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rising some 20 feet into the air, also fodder, ammunition, & all the material necessary for the upkeep of a large army. Hundreds are in swimming or washing clothes after long confinement in trenches. And dont they revel in it in one place they have made a spring board on the end of a barge which has been made useless by enemy shrapnel & here some show their skill at diving. Looking up the steep hill which rises from the beach to several hundred feet one perceives the whole face is honeycombed with dugouts of all shapes & sizes & all more or less shrapnel proof. Many have quite elaborate little homes made with boxes, water proof sheets, blankets or sacking & any little knick knack procurable from beach. Over head telephone & telegraph wires run in all directions from Hd Q'trs. Looking out to sea one perceives several cargo boats with barges towed by pinnaces flying between them & shore. In the offing can be seen a Cruiser near Gulf of Saros, shepperded [sic] by ½ dozen T.B.D firing broadside after broadside into some enemy position. The report of her discharge takes 20 secs to reach here, she is some 7000 yards distant. Ocassionally [sic] an enemy shrapnel bursts on the beach or well out over the water, but the men seem to have grown callous to it all & take no notice unless extremely close when they may take cover until quietness reigns again. Having filled our water cans we [Page 32]