Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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trudge back a mile round the beach have a rest & take the opportunity of having a swim, we find the water rather sharp after last few cold nights & our non acquaintance with it for over a week. Then we begin our long weary truck back up the long slope to that little bit of land that belongs to us (D Coy or what is left of it) That night we played one of our ruses by firing 10 rounds rapid, but I am afraid Turks are taking a tumble to our ways. Except round left where there was quite lively exchange of shots for a time. Yesterday down South in vicinity of C. Helles some 10 miles from here a furious bombardment by Cruisers, T.B.Ds & Allies land guns raged from early morn until late at night, the sound reaching us in one continual roar. Many of the shots we could see land on nearer slopes, denoted by huge columns of dust & smoke. And over the whole vicinity was a canopy of dust. I believe the enemy casualties were enormous. Last night another heavy fusilade all round line with cooperation of our 18 pounders & mortars. On left things were rather warm N Z'drs captured 2 trenches but evacuated them this morning as they were of no use taken with our own lines. Friday 11th. From Saturday 4 pm till yesterday 4 pm our Coy have been [Page 33]