Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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spelled by Light Horse (6) It is the longest spell we have had so far & I must say was greatly appreciated by all. We had several bathing parties & each time brought back drinking water. One day I was chosen by Major Denton to represent our Coy in a Canteen which was going to be started on one of the boats. Being late in reporting at 3rd Bgde Hd Q'trs I hurried down to beach & was just in time to jump aboard pinnace & go out to one of the mine destroyers. On arrival found they had just got the leavings of troop ship canteens which they wanted to equally divide among Batns of Division. I was only one from our Batn so could only take a certain amount of stuff amting to £2- 5/-, milk, jam, cordials sauces, potted meats, tooth brushes, past, etc. On arrival back at beach found there was no one to meet me as arranged, so after struggling with my load some distance I left half with some stranger in his dugout, trusting to his honesty, & took rest on, coming back for remainder later on. What little I had the men rushed, could have made enormous profit if I had wanted to. They were awfully disappointed when I told them it was just a sale of some spare stock. While on spell we had a couple of night spasms. First night representitives (sic) from each Coy under different officers. Went out & were supposed to attack certain trench Through some muddling at first we did not get our right [Page 34]