Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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particulars with result that affair was absolute farce. Some of our Coy followed Capt R [remainder of last name scratched out] in mistake owing to dark, who was supposed to act as covering part with his men. He took his men about ½ mile more to right than was needed. After extending & being ordered to advance over rise & take up position, about ½ doz Turks rifles opened on them just as they got over rise. they all bolted back leaving about 9 of us behind which we found out about 3/4 hour later, after crawling all over the place trying to connect up with them. When we did get back we found all the others had been in some time except Capt R. whom we found wandering about without one of his men, & M. D came along with one man. Stopping in gully, I called to these 2 last to come in several times but got no answer except to hear baynet (sic) & bolt worked & then voice ordering me to "Hands up". I don't know whether the man thought I was a Turk talking in English or what, but I have never heard of such an absurd occurrance [sic] before especially as I was only just outside our own trench. The second night was much better carried out, things were explained & pointed out to us better & we knew our objective. Owing to very scrubby nature of country good formation could not be kept. Anyhow we got up close to trenches, being fired upon several times but after a while we got order to retire quietly as some one had passed word the Turks [Page 35]