Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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were massing on our flank. Personally I think somebody saw hallucinations anyhow it was another night wasted. Last few days have been hot windy & extremely dusty days & the flies are awful, D.A. is not a patch on it. Enormous blow flies, green backs & common house fly are every where, first on putrid dung heaps then most probably on your tucker in swarms, in your eyes, mouth, on sores, in fact everywhere where they ought not to be. Then one can eat a meal in comfort, dust is everywhere, tea & jam get quite a scum on them, meat gets gritty. One can quite realise the probability of disease breaking out, of course. There is as much sanitation as possible as the life will permit. Wednesday 16th. Things have been fairly quiet the last few days. We are all keenly waiting to hear what Greece is going to do after the elections, it is popularly thought that if M. Venezelos [sic- Venizelos] & his party are returned that war will be declared. Of course the Queen being German Emperors sister may have a lot to do in the matter. Sergt Major Mason & several of our Coy who helped to form the 50 Guard to Gen Ian Hamilton & have been away all this time only returning yesterday. Having been down to C Helles & seen the operations there. They say casualties there are enormous the K. Army having about 18.000 alone. There is a hill down there name of Achi Baba which they have been [Page 36]