Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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trying to capture, it is the key to the whole position down there, but it seems practically impossible to take it as it is honey combed with trenches & has 1/4 mile wide of barbed wire round it which makes it practically impregnable. They were also over on Islands for some time & saw many Turkish prisoners. Some more of our wounded returned this morning, also Puckle who seems to have had bad time with his hands, he has been at Cairo all the time. Best of all we have Capt Williams back with us he has been in charge of Abassich Military Prison all this time We are all very glad to see him back Also 5th Reinforcements arrived this morning of which our Coy got 35. This nearly brings our Coy up to full number, of which only about 80 of old Coy are left. I am in my dugout outside lines at present moment & at time there is rather heavy artillery duel going on between our guns & enemys. One of our guns 50 yards away fires right over my dug out & rather shakes one up. Of course shrapnel are bursting all round & I just heard one of 2nd Batn fellows cry out having been hit. Thursday 24th. We now spend 48 hrs in firing line, same in support, & same outside working party. [Page 37]