Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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God knows how long this will keep up, things are always being chopped & changed about & are never the same for a week at a time. Spent Sun & Mon in support had close shave from shell aimed at 8th Battery gun 20 yds behind, shell struck parapet of support trench bursting & covering me in dugout in opposite wall with shower of earth. If it had missed parapet it would just about have done for me. Next a shot got gun slightly injuring one man. 2nd Batn had one of its stunts on while we were in support one night, not having been warned we all jumped out of bunks when heard devastating fire opened, but when we saw flares sent up we understood what it was. Turks expended fair amount of ammunition in answering. Two days in trenches uneventful. 6th reinforcements arrived, several men & one young subaltern, Lieut Franklin drafted to our Coy. Makes one feel that if one had stayed behind a little longer one may have had the chance of a [?] At same time I am glad to say that I was one of the first to volunteer & have seen service right from the jump of Austn Active Service. Received mail 22nd one letter & papers from home, 1 from Miss Smithwick & 1 from Ben Bryant. Wednesday midday came outside & went working party. That night 36 of our platoon with N.G.Os & officer went out at 9 pm & acted as covering party to party digging new trench from No 9 sap. We had to crawl [Page 38]