Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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over rise about 60 yards & take up position commanding view of country in front. I had charge of 12 men on left flank. Party being split up into 3 groups We had to lie there on our stomachs until well after 3 am (over 6 hours) & it is to be hoped that I won't have another such night for some time to come. We had orders only to fire on large parties or if attacked, but had to leave individual snipers alone. Well there had been parties out two previous nights & it is concluded Turks knew we were there. Anyhow they began throwing hand grenades at my party on left. First lobbed amongst our feet bounced to rear & did not explode, 2nd exploded 5 yards to rear & exploded & 3rd landed alongside Reed, one of my men, & exploded knocking him unconscious by concussion luckily hitting no others. Sent back & got stretcher bearers who removed him & who were fired upon by one of our sentry groups in post or sap as they did not answer when challenged. Snipers came bang up against us no [sic] 10 yards away being seen by several of my men. There were 3 seen of course there may have been more, we could hear them whispering quite plainly. Of course my part was too small to try & take any active action in capturing them & it would have brought more Turks down upon us. So there we lay with these men only few yards in front of us & on tenter hooks waiting [Page 39]