Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

page 40 (July)
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to see where next grenade would burst, not to mention the snipers shots zipping close overhead & through the bushes. It was quite a relief when we got back. Slept till midday missing breakfast & dead to the worrying flies. At 12 am our men were called on fatigue work without having had breakfast or lunch much to everybody's disgust as we had been promised absolutely nothing to do until late in afternoon French doing good work down South capturing 2 lines of trenches after three attacks. Turks are said to have lost 11.000 dead 80000 wounded & 20.000 sick sick since beginning of operations here July. Friday 2nd. Have not written up notes last few days as mislaid note book. Last Sunday I believe a hell of a bombardment began down South some thousands reinforcements were landed & big movement was on. We could see bursting shrapnel & clouds of dust raised by percussion shells from here. Word came along about midday (we found out later) to cause a demonstration here so as to prevent reinforcements from going South to Turks help. Parts of our Coys were ordered to hop over parapets & advance some distance out in front. Parts of most of our Brigade & 8th Light [Page 40]