Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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Horse also went out on extreme right & there took some trenches. Turks massed to counter attack but were dispersed with help of our & torpedo boat guns. Our fellows had no need to hold trenches so later in day retired in good order back to their own trenches. Of course enemy's gun & rifle fire was terrific shell after shell bursting in front of our lads here causing a perfect screen of dust & doing some damage. Our movement had desired effect in preventing reinforcements going south which were on point of moving. Our casualties were some 250 all told our Batn having 19 killed about 40 wounded & a few missing. "C" Coy lost Capt La Franze Lieuts McDonald who only just arrived back, & Parry old school acquaintance of mine who was promoted after first few days here; also 2 officers wounded. Two nights ago storm suddenly arose, night pitch dark. I believe Turks thought we would attack so opened up fire. No damage done. They got in before us in blowing up some tunnels in 2nd Batn lines. Ours were already to be blown up & were to be on Wednesday night but Turks blew up one of theirs & spoilt our two, burying a couple of poor fellows. Officer & NCO who went in to rescue them were over come with fumes (not serious). Snipers have also been getting a few of our fellows lately. [Page 41]