Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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Our platoon have been kept on working party for some time now, last arrangement was knocked on head at its birth. Go for water twice daily which takes some time owing to distance & scarcity of precious fluid, also rations to beach & Hd Q'trs, besides others on digging Capt Broly & Sgt Mason (D C M) have both been mentioned in dispatches. Tuesday 6th. We came back into the firing line on 3rd July. Just before coming in Turks began dropping, I believe, 9 inch shells in vicinity of our gully, the first landing some 150 yards distant. 3rd shell hit a 2nd Batn dug out smashed 4 inch beam & broke in roof but luckily did not explode, immediately two men crawled from amidst wreckage absolutely unharmed. There was roars of laughter from onlookers most of whom had not taken cover I am afraid we are all more or less careless in that way & the wonder of it is that we dont lose more men than we do. These shells can generally be seen coming, their approach is notified by a roar gaining in sound until the shell itself becomes visible hurtling through the air most probably to drop only a few yards distant & more likely than not not to burst many of them are old fashioned lead coated shells & I believe [Page 42]