Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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come across from the Chanak on Asiatic side. Things more or less quiet in lines there having been several artillery duels between our guns a few yards off & enemy's on left. They sent the shells in some yesterday morning, but although they burst overhead & all round us I only heard two & slept through rest as I had just come off night shift. They have just been giving us a bit more. Yesterday they got onto one gun killing one & wounding three. Our men are doing good work down South gaining ground & repelling all attacks with severe loss to Turks. Russian retreat looks alarming but for their well ordered method in hitting back hard at enemy when opportunity occurs We have lost both Capt Williams & Major Denton who have both gone away sick, so we are now in hands of two subalterns one 18 other 24 years old, both reinforcements, ? Lieut Gostulow who joined just previous to our landing both men are quite capable of looking after us. Wednesday 14th. Luckily [...] Williams arrived back about the 9th but we have no idea how long Major Denton will be away. On 10th, 2nd Batn [Page 43]