Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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blew up a tunnel but I don't think it did any extensive damage. On 11th we were informed that it was a Turkish Holy Festival day & to look out for something happening. Right through the night our lines let Turks know that we were well awake by sending in fusilades of anything up to 10 rounds rapid, which were well answered by enemy. Also there was a lively exchange of bombs & several of our guns sent many shells into Turks lines. Also star shells were fired which in places caused fires among the bushes. Otherwise nothing of importance has occurred here lately. Spending any length of time in trenches becomes awfully monotonous & after 10 days just as we were becoming bored to death we were relieved by the 10th Batn. First time we have left those particular trenches for 10 weeks. This seems to be a jumble of tins howsoever we are now supposed to be having some 10 days spell situated in steep hill in old badly made dugouts & terraces some 200 yards behind firing line with several howitzer (Glasgow) guns 50 yards below us. It is no rest as we still have numerous fatigues & are not away from the sound of firing. Even last night at 11.30 pm they came & woke section commanders to wake men & tell 'em that enemy were massing in front [Page 44]