Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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clean for once as I was helping to superintend affairs, many of Maoris took me for a "bloomin orficer"; of course I did not enlighten them on the subject. Its [sic] a hard life here & I am sure the majority of us feel that we want a spell right away from the place to recuperate We seem to be loosing [sic] all strength & energy what with the lack of enough good nourishing food, diahorea, [sic] steep hill climbing, varying hours of duty etc., although last few days we have had slight change of tucker for better, being issued with more rfesh meat, some rice & flower which makes quite an appreciable change from continual dog & biscuit. If we did not see the humorous side of some thing & be amused by the unintentionable [sic] doings & sayings of a couple of fellows here, I really don't know how we would drag through life Anyhow the boys have all got life in them still & if it came to a pinch would I am sure put up as good a fight as on the first day of landing Four commissions been granted in Batn, Puckle, Proctor, Metcalf & Porter last named I do not know, Puckle of course, we are all extremely sorry to lose him as of couse [sic] he goes to another Coy He was liked by everyone & I can safely [Page 46]