Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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say no one will miss him more than I will Anyhow Good luck to him & a brilliant future! Proctor & Metcalf are both old school acquaintances of mine. It has appeared in Orders that 100.000 reinforcement Turks many of them I believe raw recruits from Adrianople are on their way down here. Monday 26th. Things have been just as quiet last few days & we have not had quite so much work to do. Also the tucker seems to be on the improvement. And then if one gets hold of good energetic cooks they take an interest in trying to please the men. We had an issue of tin milk first time today 1 tin for 8 men. We have been expecting a big attack lately from 100.000 reinforcements, especially on 21st & 22nd July which were beginning of Turkish Religous[sic] Festival days, result is that since then we have stood to every night at moon set & again from 3 to 4 am Three of our platoon arrived back from Malta a couple of days ago, they were wounded the day we landed. They were all as right as rain for several weeks past but the doctors did not seem to want to turn them out & send them back. There seems a great laxity in this, by all accounts there are hundreds of men at Alexandria Cairo & Malta who are quite recovered from their wounds, some put in the plaint that they don't feel fit to come [Page 47]