Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

page 48 (August)
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back just because they don't want to face the hardships & wish to stay there & have a good easy time. Others are given a cursory examination by doctors & are kept behind. I reckon the authorities ought to have big cleaning up of all Hospital centre, pack the men aboard ship & send them back here. It seems hard when one thinks there are so many others who have been here for three solid months & still have no prospect of a spell. It made one feel quite envious when these three fellows told us of the good times they have been having at Malta, they were on the first shipload of Australians to arrive there. Both the English & Maltese inhabitants could not do enough for them, decorated them with flowers, held receptions, invited them to their homes times out of number & took them for motor drives, mixed bathing parties, etc. They all seemed surprised that our fellows were not black & that they all spoke such excellent English. It still shows how little known Australia is to people in this part of the world. We relieve the 12th Batn in their trenches tomorrow, it being a new position to us & in places only 30 yards from Jacko's trenches. I believe we only go in for a fortnight or so. August. Tuesday 2nd. This is a very intricate piece of trench work having several firing lines some of them concealed also underground communication trenches. The actual firing line is a detached post about a 100 odd [Page 48]