Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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yards out in front partly across a wheat field. Some 50 yards in front just on the brow of the hill is a Turkish trench practically all of which is invisible from here.

W[??]l tunnels have been run out to nearly under the Turkish trench & on Saturday night at about 11 pm these were blown up, the most heavily charged not going off as electric wire had been broken. Immediately after 50 men from each Coy charged the trenches, a terrific fire was opened by Turks from their main firing line also many field guns opened on us. Our men seized the trench driving Turks out at point of baynet. [sic] But they were enfiladed by machine guns & a small detached trench which was still held by Turks. Another party of about 30 men went out to drive Turks out of this position. I believe only 4 of this party escaped unharmed. All through this night men were busy reconstructing the trench by making suitable to face the Turks, making observation posts, filling bags for parapet & deepening trench & connecting tunnels with trench for communication By yesterday night it was made practically safe. Bombs were freely thrown at our men all through the night & early next morning field guns played on trench. Our casualties were at least 5 killed & 100 wounded. Poor old Puckle was killed leading his men just before leaping into the trench. It is awfully hard & one somehow cannot realise [Page 49]