Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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as yet he is gone. He was loved by everyone & was a brave man & a gentleman His career has been nipped in the bud it seems the same with all our subalterns who have risen from the ranks. Lieuts Parry Smith & Puckle have been killed Lieut Potter wounded (last night) & Lieut Dunning gone away ill. Bargug was also killed & Dentyong wounded, all the old friends seem to be going. Capt Leave was also wounded. I was on duty in the firing line at the time so could not take part in the attack. The rest of "D" Coy relieved the position at midday, one saw some awful sights, after crawling through small gap connecting trench with tunnel the first sight that met our eyes was a dead Turk in a sitting position who had been buried by the fall of earth after explosion. Next were many of our dead outside the trench about a yard apart, then 2 more dead strung up to side of trench to keep trench clear then (this I did not notice until later) a body in bottom of trench covered with sand & everyone walking over it, part of head & arms showing, then one of our men in sitting position with head blown off by shell, he had just been going to fire, and last of all a Turk thrown up on parados with big hole in head, he had odd worn out boots, strips of blanket for putties[?], trousers were just held together by huge patches etc. The day was extremely hot & though so soon the air was becoming putrid. Nearly all our dead were brought in last night but there are many Turks to be buried yet. They must have lost at least 100 killed. [Page 50]