Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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Monday 9th. Here I am aboard the hospital ship "Sicilia" in bed with a shrapnel pellet in thigh & by the feel of it, it is mighty close to the joint as it is absolutely impossible for me to bend or move my leg at all. It means of course X Rays and chloroform, but taking it all round it is a very minor wound. Well to go back to last Wednesday The 6th & 7th Reinforcements arrived & were drafted into Batn bringing it nearly up to strength again. (300 in all). One Officer Lieut Hall was drafted to our Coy. Early Friday morning Turks made an attack on Lean's trench, the aforementioned one captured from them last week & gained a footing in part of it. A bomb fight ensued & then part of "D" Coy 15 & 16 platoons, launched an attack from Tasmania post & got very badly cut up. Lean's post is open to fire from over a mile of Turkish trenches in some places 2 lines, & also field guns, result was our chaps had an exceedingly bad time. In the end Turks were driven out. Word then came that a party of Turks just down the slope concealed were undermining the trench preparatory to blowing it up. Thirty men from 13 platoon under Lieut Hall were ordered to drive them out at point of baynet [sic]. This was at about 9 am. Before starting we all knew that it was practically hopeless job & that we would [Page 51]