Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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be lucky if we got back alive. It was between 8 & 9 am & a clear bright day We had to charge from Tasmania Post over a wheat field for about 60 yards & then down the thick bushy slopes to where the Turks were working. As soon as we made our appearance "Hell" was let loose from Turkish trenches, machine guns & hundreds of rifles played on us also shrapnel. I don't know whether any one ever came to grips with the Turks. I know I did not. I got couple of yards down the hill when I got a crack bomb bursting just in front of me, & thought my ticket was up. I was not wounded except for very small scratch, a piece of cov[??]ing of bomb had hit my shoulder adhering to my tunic, the fellows were lying every where trying to take cover of which there was absolutely none, all of them being hit I received one from shrapnel in thigh, was lying in 6 inch dip in ground when Turks threw another bomb which lobbed alongside me rolled out onto flat ground just in time, it exploded immediately afterwards & would have been all up with me if I had lain still. I was now in hopelessly exposed position on edge of wheat field. Bullets pinged all round knocking up sand everywhere, got a crack in foot & thought my toes were gone, but no they were still there. I did not think I was hit badly, as a little later seeing a couple of fellows making a dive for Lean's trench 20 yards distant. I thought I would chance it too so up I got only to find my leg give under me down I went again. Took cover behind [Page 52]