Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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a 6 inch mound of earth with my head well down. I can tell you I did not feel to happy lying there helpless with the bullets splashing all round & with plenty of time on my hands to do some thinking & wondering how long it would be before I was laid right out. Next to me lay Keys, 7th Reinforcement & one time of Koogerina, hit through head & I believe dead; a little more to left was Frank Rooke hit in back, to right were several others some wounded & some dead. Down the hill were more in what plight I know not. One fellow with finger blown off crawled up & made dive for trench. He got there safely but attracted all the fire again which had slightly slackened off. After lying for 2 hours imitating the dead a stretcher bearer who was at end of trench got his periscope on me & induced me to have a try to get in Previously I had decided to lie there till dark & then come in. Just as well I did not as 10 to 1 I would have been knocked out as there was to be a big attack that night. Edged my way on my stomach a few inches at a time, dragging my equipment after me, over some poor dead fellows leg until I got to rear of left end of trench where two fellows with aid of shovel pulled me over into the trench & safety. I heard later that there were still 18 of 30 missing among them being Sgt Oxlede of G'dton & Lieut Hall, God knows whether they were all killed or not. And of those who got in [Page 53]