Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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nearly all were wounded. Concerning my trip to the Hospital Ship I will give a brief summary. From Leane's trench I was carried through tunnels & communicating trenches to the dressing station where my wound was dressed, placed on stretcher & carried by Batn bearers to another station where I was handed over to 4 bearers who carried me down to clearing station on beach, where I only waited about an hour. Two barges were to take us out towed by a pinnace. As all stretcher accomodation [sic] was taken up I was propped up on some boxes & had rather an unpleasant trip out owing to barge bumping against pinnace whole time. Hauled up on deck on stretcher by winch & then carried below & placed in bunk & after a time had wound redressed. I envy some of the fellows who can get out & hop about One's back gets very sore when it is the only position one can be in as my leg seems paralysed at joint & prevents me getting any other position with comfort. Sunday 15th. That Friday night supreme operation commenced aided by new landing forces at Suvla Bay. No news is published here in Egypt but by what one can gather wonderful progress has been made of course at cost of huge casualty list. Although we were the first boat to fill we were not the first at Alexandria. We left Anzac on Saturday morning went to Embros discharged most walking cases [Page 54]