Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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have to come out. The wound itself is painless & getting on well & stiffness is gradually leaving muscles & allowing movement of leg to slight extent. Althoughh at present cannot put an ounce of weight on it. Going to have a try to get round on crutch later on. Night nurse of this ward remembers us when we lived at Canning Bridge asked me if I was one of the swimming Bardwells. There is an old friend of Hugh PIcks in my room, went to school together for years. They were both in Coy in 5th Batn. His name is Borraman. Friday 20 Have been able to get round on crutches last few days. But here I am again on my back for a few more days. On Wednesday I was put under X Rays & bullet was located near the bone some 6 inches lower down than point of entrance Thursday morning went under chloroform Had been warned that I would be rotten after it, would be allowed no water, food, etc. It took some time to send me off, I can remember Doctors talking saying the liquid evaporated too quickly & it might be necessary to keep mask over face throughout operation. I can remember thinking that I was not quite off yet but was determined to be. Still thinking or dreaming this I awoke to find myself back in my own bed. Felt sleep suffocated, & leg was rather sore for an hour of so but after that resolutely picked up book & read & was so much better ½ hour later when lunch arrived that [Page 56]