Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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I had some rice custard & later had enormous tea & then supper. But had rotten night, leg was rather painful & could not get comfortable position, the night was also very close. Sat up in bed half the night but today feel first rate & if I go on at same rate it won't be long before I am out of Hospital. Received visit from Archdeacon Collet who had just arrived from W.A. He recognised a resemblance & found he was right in his surmisal. Had been in South Africa with Bernie & again just lately in camp with him. Monday 23rd. Am going ahead first rate & am going to give the crutches another try this afternoon. Have been fortunate in having some visitors. On Saturday Lieut Gibbings of G'dton & another Officer of 28th Batn visited me. They are at present garrisoned at the Citidal. On Sunday, my birthday, had a very pleasant surprise in a visit from Tiny Noye. Last time I heard from him he said he & Horking were joining the Light Horse but they were unable to get in so they joined the 16th A.A.S.C & are at present at the Aerodrome Heliopolis. We spent the whole afternoon conjuring up old times & past experiences. Also Frank Wright of G'dton who is in A.M.C here comes in nearly every day, & also Sister Tyers whom I met in W.A. [Page 57]