Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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We have plenty of excellent food & are looked after splendidly by everybody. One of the patients, Green of 11th Batn Reinforcements, goes out from here this afternoon to another Hospital. He has a small splinter of bomb embedded behind knee, rather dangerous operation so it is being left with the hope that his leg will straighten with exercise & that fragment will work out. Another fellow in this room Cpl Banks of 13th Batn has bullet in forehead. It had passed through crack in skull not damaging the bone. They are afraid to remove it & so most likely he will be sent home. He saw a very interesting X Ray photo of it. I forgot to mention that Lieut Franklin who though only a boy promised to be such a fine Officer was mortally wounded on Friday 6th & died aboard the Sicilia also Lieut Proctor who was just promoted was killed. He was an old school acquaintance. Monday 30th. Am still here in No 7 ward enjoying the comfort & lazy life to the full. Am able once again to get about without crutches the wound having nearly healed being perfectly clean right through. Have had several visitors lately A. J. Brown who was hit by bomb some time ago & who is at present at Helouan came up to be X Rayed as Drs at last really thought there must be something in his leg. It was found there was a piece of [Page 58]