Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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bomb embedded in thigh bone & bone is decaying. He told me Drs said it would mean a trip to Aust & would be at least 12 months before he would be fit again & then the silly young ass is talking of rejoining his Batn. Incidently he comes from G'dton. Tiny Noye came in on Saturday but it was to say goodbye as he was off to Gallipoli with the 6th B'gde on Sunday. It was hard luck after having just found each other to lose sight of one another immediately afterwards. The 6th B'gde left yesterday & the 7th B'gde leave about next Sunday May good luck go with them. Five days ago Lieut Metcalf of 11th Batn was admitted here suffering from dysentery. I saw him the next day, he gave me a piece of news that nearly bowled me over being so unexpected. it was to the effect that I had been granted a commission along with Sgt Major Mason, Sgts Louch & Archibald (all D Coy) & several others. I can't quite imagine yet that I Beresford Bardwell will be entitled to wear a star & will be the recipient of 21/- per diem. I am trying to substantiate any claims per medium Lieut Metcalf at Aust Intermediate Base Cairo where it should be gazetted sooner of later so that I may take advantage of it while recuperating. I have both Capt Corley & our lost friend Lieut Franklin to thank for the change in [Page 59]