Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

page 60 (September)
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my future. I can't quite realise it yet & often think I will wake up & find it all a dream. Gallipoli news is absolutely nil here all we know is that our centre & left flanks have advanced well in conjunction with landing at Suvla Bay. Let us hope the boys will continue the way they have been going & bring the campaign to a speedy end as a winter campaign there would be absolute hell. That little charge I was in, 8 got back one of whom was unwounded rest out of 30 killed. God! it's awful. September Wednesday 9th. Still here & will be really sorry to leave as it has been a real home during past weeks. My room mate Cpl Banks left this morning & has gone to Helouan, he still carries bullet in forehead, doctors seemed afraid to operate. I should have been turned out long ago but they have kept me on while I have been waiting for some official notification of my commission from Cairo. Still got limp but leg is getting stronger every day & now there is only small scar to show old wound. Nurses are all very good & have looked after me excellently. Louch came over to see me about week ago & I told him news of commission He was at Attier Hospital, poor fellow bullet severed nerve & he has lost use of arm. After he had gone Mrs Branch of Ghizeh came along inquiring for him. She wanted him to go out [Page 60]